AnkiDroid UI Redesign Project

 What is AnkiDroid?

Anki is a flashcard application that uses a spaced repetition system. This technique helps to improve your brain's memory abilities using time intervals between study sessions and is known to be a highly effective method. Anki is one of the most popular flashcard applications out there, which is commonly used in the language learning community, and by medical students to study and learn the material.

What's the project?

There are multiple different issues with AnkiDroid's user interface that will be further discussed, using design principles, below. The main issues include the flashcard interface, visual feedback, clarity of features, and personalized customization.

This project is to help enhance the app's UI, solutions are proposed based on the issues presented. The concepts presented can be applied to most of Anki's platforms, however, AnkiDroid, which is the android version, is the focus of our project.

Steps of the Project:

  1. UI Critique & Proposal
  2. User & Task Analysis
  3. Low-Fi Prototype
  4. Cognitive Walkthrough
  5. Medium Fidelity Prototype
  6. Final Presentation

User & Task Analysis

Example HTA(s)

Example User Persona(s)

Low-Fi Prototype

Rough Iteration Sketches

Low-Fidelity Prototype

Cognitive Walkthrough

Images of Participants Interacting with Prototype

Closing Questionnaire
Questionnaire Results

Medium-Fidelity Prototype
software: Figma


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