Emily Carr Interactive VR Museum A-frame


An interactive museum tour of one of Canada's most influential artists Emily Carr.

Software: A-frame library with JavaScript, to implement interactive features on our Web VR. Maya for 3D object and Substance Painter which will provide us with realistic textures.

Description: Emily Carr is an important part of Canada's artistic history. A prolific writer and painter, she is best known for being one of the first Canadian artists to adapt to the Post-Impressionist art style. Her paintings, inspired by British Columbia's landscape and First Nations villages were some of the first to move away from what was then the "traditional style" of painting towards a more Modernist style.

Through interactive virtual reality, users will be guided through one of her most well-known paintings "Kitwancool", fully recreated in 3D space on their mobile or desktop device. The experience will take users through her life and works by showcasing important mementos that can be interacted with and examined up close through the interpretation of her paintings and it's translation to 3D space, as well as carefully selected audio, the experience will bring Emily Carr's painting to life, and show her inspiration that she took from nature and the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest.

Kitwancool, Emily Carr, 1928

This project is developed in a group of 5. We have designers and developers. I am part of the development team, I developed the entire outside park scenes using A-frame, created different functionalities such as elevators, multiple player avatars, and shooter. I was in charge of 50% of the programming in this project.

Final Presentation Video


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